“Who is askmsmom?”

If I know it, I will tell you, and if I don’t know it, I will find it and if I can’t find it, well then, I would say it cannot be found.  I am a friend, mother, teacher, counselor and love-to-research researcher. From the best white blouse to God forbid best neurosurgeon. Best college for you, best direction to take, best price for your next car to get you there. In my six decades of life I have seen and done more than I ever imagined. Here I share as much as I can of what I have learned. And admit what I have not. Join me in this unpredictable journey called life.

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  1. Jordie

    hey i read the anyhoodles blog post and your daughters blog sounds interesting could you send me a link if she is okay with it. I found that post quite refreshing as it was my first read on your pg. I will be coming back and reading more 😀 have a nice day Jordie.

  2. Kate Collins

    I can not tell you how excited I was to see you writing again….I know you have been traveling but I so look forward to your blog.

  3. Tiffany Geoege

    Hi Nancy,

    I tried your concoction and I’m trying to do it!
    Can you add water or something to it to make
    it a little less thick? Also, where do you get
    cod liver oil? I went to The Grade and got
    everything but they thought I was nuts with
    the cod liver oil : ). I told them my friend gets
    it here all the time. Hope you’re doing well!
    miss you on Wednesdays.


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