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Computer glitch repaired!

Yesterday’s post got some great and grateful responses but one alerted me that the hyperlinks did not connect to the items.  All fixed now, (I hope!) so you are back to one-click shopping. Falalalala!!

12 ideas/12 minutes…Male Christmas shopping nirvana…


My thought a week ago was to create a twelve days of Christmas list of stocking stuffers and under-the-tree gift ideas for sons, boyfriends and husbands but alas, my days like everyone else’s, slipped away as quickly as my needles are falling off my “fresh” tree.

So with less than twelve days of shopping left before Santa slides down the chimney, all covered in soot, I thought I would give you guys some last minute gift suggestions for your special someone where you don’t even have to leave your house, much less get your coat all sooty.  And, of course, any ladies can simply print out this list and tuck it in a briefcase pocket, outer not inner, or tape it to the remote for the TV.  Or the milk carton he swears he never drinks from. I definitely don’t advise a snow shovel or vacuum handle, if the chore division at your house is anything like mine.

Most of these items can be purchased on  I advise using Prime so sign up for it if you don’t already have it.  It has some great perks such as free two-day delivery, but more often overnight, instant movie streaming and free Kindle books to “borrow.”  Your membership can also be shared with family members so the sign up fee goes a long way., my personal favorite, is exactly what the name suggests and their customer service makes Amazon look like the big dominant oaf that it is. But a necessary online shopping oaf, nonetheless.

In no particulare order, my hot picks are:

All -Clad 10 inch fry pan- The perfect size for scrambled eggs, grilled cheese or heating up left overs. Stay cool handle and All-Clad’s signature even heat distribution. Does everything.  Probably the only pan I would take to the moon.  At Williams-Sonoma, Macy’s and of course, Amazon!

Lorien Ugg Boot-  Warm and waterproof and not to mention very cute.  Great for everyday in the snow or cold and perfect for apres ski which for me is all day, as I don’t ski. Comes in black, brown and midnight blue.  Full and half sizes. Runs pretty true to size.  If you don’t know her size, look in her shoes. Just not running shoes because most of us size up.

Rodin Lip Balm-  Great lip treatment for any season. Moisturizing shea butter and scented with jasmine and orange blossoms keeps lips soft with a subtle shine.

Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick in color “Boy” #54-  My favorite lipstick and I don’t wear lipstick. More of a tinted gloss in a lipstick tube. Very emolient thanks to more shea butter and stays on for hours. Color “Boy” works for everyone and can be paired with another lipstick or a shiny gloss. My favorite gloss is also by Chanel. Comes in a stick. Color:  Glaze.



glo-minerals undereye concealer in beige- Two tones/two sides.  One for dark circles and one for mornings after a good sleep.  Never creases, gunks up or highlights wrinkles you thought were invisible.  Comes in several colors but I think beige is good for most skin tones.

Hanky Panky Signature Lace Boyshort-  A gift for both of you! Adorable, comfortable and flattering to any figure.  Sizing runs extra-small (0-2) small (4-6), medium (8-10) large (12-14) extra large (16).  Some people prefer their undies bigger so if you go up a size, don’t worry.  These are all pretty skimpy.  Favorite part she will love, they don’t make elastic dents on thighs or hips.  She’ll undertand that, if you don’t. All colors are great.

Peppermint Bark- Nothing says Christmas like Peppermint Bark.  Chunks of dark and white chocolate sprinkled with candy cane crumbs.Williams-Sonoma is most famous for it.  But I think Plow and Hearth has them beat. Williams-Sonoma’s is thinner with more peppermint and Plow and Hearth’s is thicker with less.  So pick your poison. You can’t go wrong.||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-Feature_Recipe_Rule%7CTop_Marketing_Billboard-_-

Thymes Frazier Fir Scented Candle – For those of you who have gone the way of an atificial tree, this is a godsend.  Smells better than the real thing and doesn’t need water or drop needles. Burns slowly. Last forever. Several sizes. My favorite is the large three wick. Comes in soap and spray, too.

Ray-Ban Wayferer Classic original size-  Made famous in old Hollwood by Grace Kelly and Paul Newman. Tom Cruise in Risky Business sent them viral and their popularity has outlasted his three marriages. I’m partial to classic black. Looks great on all face shapes and sizes.

Bumble and bumble thickening full form mousse – I realize the gift of a hair product seems sort of lame but after years of research, my sister shared this volumizing product with me and think it is the best ever. And it fills practically a whole stocking! Fluffs, puffs and keeps hair perky for at least two days. Virtually eliminates bed head.

Ballistic iPhone 5 cover-  The lightest, most protcetive iPhone cover out there.  Has the front bumper that saves the face from shattering when dropped but thin enough to fit in a pocket easily.  Doesn’t slip on the dashboard or seat either. Comes in great colors. Also made for the 4.

So there you have it!  You can probably pound out this list in less than twelve minutes, much less days.  And I assure you, she will love you for it.

Well, at least until 2014 or you get your January Visa bill.




Christmas greetings from askmrsmom

Charlie is praying…











…that William gets a shirt from Santa!











May all your prayers and wishes come true.  Have the best of holidays and I hope someone you love surprises you…

Love to you and yours,